HOw much will my appointment cost?

Consultation Costs:

Dr Young charges $200 for a new consultation and $72 of this is rebated on medicare, provided you have a valid referral from your GP.  Post operative care is included in the surgical fee.

Operation Costs:

Privately Insured & Defence Force/DVA patients

Dr Young is a no gap provider for all major health funds. This means that provided your insurance covers hospital stay and the operation, you will have no out of pocket expenses. Patients may elect to self fund if they wish. Quotes can be obtained on your behalf.

Public Patients

There is no cost for treatment in public hospitals.

Workers Compensation/MV Insurance Commission

Provided you have a valid claim number, surgery and treatments can be performed through private or public hospitals.

I am from Country Western Australia, do you consult for patients in regional areas? 

Dr Sam Young grew up in rural WA and is aware of the particular problems that come from living in rural and remote Australia, especially when a significant proportion of healthcare services can only be accessed in Perth.